Upcoming Enrichment Classes

Summer Day Camp – Week Long Camp – June 19  &   July 17  &  August 7

KLIMB Class – August 8 — 7 PM  &  September 19 — 7 PM

Tug of War Class – September 12 — 7 PM

Nose Works – September 14 — 7 PM  &  September 20 — 7 PM

Combo Class – Tricks, Agility, Performance – September 20 — 6 PM



Off Leash Reliability

This monthly program helps to keep your dog polished and keep you accountable for training your dog. The dog spends a day in our facility “brushing up” on skills and can even learn new skills with one-on-one training. Owners receive a report card and video by email at the end of the day outlining progress, providing feedback, and suggested homework. This program is of great value and an excellent way to keep your dog’s mind working!

Tug of War Workshop

This two hour class teaches owner and dog how to build a great relationship for play.  Focusing on structured play and understanding great behavior skills the dogs can take away from play is often life changing.  This workshop builds a great relationship between dog and owner!

Klimb Klass

Our Klimb Klass is one of a Kind! This class uses BlueK9 Klimb platforms to teach spatial awareness, build strength, and most importantly exercise your dog’s brain.  Join us for this fun class and let your dog learn something totally new!

Nose Works

This class helps your dog to remember how to use its nose. We use fun obstacles and techniques to get their minds working. This class is particularly great during those cold winter months when you’re looking for great inside enrichment exercises.

Tricks Class

Our Tricks class covers basic trick training that is great for development and enrichment for dogs of any age.  Ever wondered how to teach your dog to shake, spin, crawl, and much more?  This is a great class for foundational tricks.

Canine Good Citizen

This class works with dogs who already have a basic obedience understanding and develops them in to Canine Good Citizens, an American Kennel Club title.  At the end of each class our facility evaluator can issue a test to each dog.

Saturday Socials

At Fantastic Fido’s we love being able to take dogs out into the community while learning necessary skills. To do so, every Saturday we offer Saturday Social. During our Saturday Socials, we go to different locations throughout Saint Joseph. The dogs are able to do fun activities, such as agility, swimming, pack walks, and overall good dog citizenship. Sometimes we even learn tricks! To see our latest information on our socials, please visit our Facebook page.

Ice Cream Socials

Dogs and ice cream? We can’t think of anything better! Fantastic Fido’s offers seasonal ice cream socials with our pups in doggie daycare.
*Daycare reservation required

Summer Camp at Fantastic FIdos!

Check out the great time our pups have at the Fantastic Fido’s summer camp

Saturday Socials

9 AM – 9:45 AM unless stated otherwise.
For inclement weather, please visit our Facebook for updates.


  • May 13 – North Shoppes Pond
  • May 20 – Old Navy
  • May 27 – No Social – Holiday Weekend
  • June 3 – Bartlett Park
  • June 10 – River Walk (meet a Remington Nature Center)
  • June 17 – No Social
  • June 24- Northside YMCA
  • July 1 – No Social
  • July 8 – Cool Crest
  • July 15 – Pronto Cafe
  • July 22 – Krug Park
  • July 29 – Ashland Cemetery

The Fantastic Fido’s team is eager to hear from you and can help arrange the services and care that your pets deserve.

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