Full-Service Professional Dog Grooming

Dogs who are regularly groomed professionally (we suggest every 4-6 weeks for dogs) are happier, healthier, better adjusted and much easier to live with. Also, the professional groomer may be able to alert you to a health issue, such as parasites, sores, infected ears, etc. that may need a veterinarian’s attention. Our professional groomers have been trained extensively to maintain high standards. We strive to make the grooming experience as positive and pleasant as possible for your pet. Many customers choose to combine a half-day in Dog Daycare with their grooming to make it a full, fun day for their dog.

Grooming includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, sanitary cut, shampoo and conditioner,and the finishing style. Then they are finished with a bandana or nail polish and a spritz of cologne, if you like.  

Please note:  All grooming is done by appointment only.

Grooming Hours:

  • Monday – Friday 7AM-5:30PM

  • Saturday 9AM-3PM

  • Closed Sunday

Most pets can be in and out in about 4 hours. Prices vary depending on service selected, time and condition of your pet. Please inquire.



Pricing may vary

Fantastic Fido’s determines our grooming fees on several different factors in addition to breed, including coat type and condition, degree of shedding and matting, skin condition, the presence of fleas and/or ticks, etc.

Grooming Fees

  • Full Groom: $40-$85

  • Bath Only: $30-$60

  • De-shed: $10

  • Medicated Shampoo: $5

  • Mat Fees: $5 and up

  • Nail Clip: $10

  • Paint: $10

Please contact us with questions about pricing.