Dog Training

Professional Experience

At Fantastic Fido’s, we offer a variety of training for dogs. We have private training, training packages, obedience classes, doggie day school, and Saturday socials. To learn more about our training options see the list below or give us a call at 816-364-0988. Click here to see our upcoming class schedule. For all training programs we ask that you complete our Dog Behavior Evaluation Question  form. Training packages or programs must be cancelled 48 hours in advance or a $50 charge will be applied.

Whiz Kid

A 10-day program where the dog stays with us and one of our trainers. We focus on crate training and potty training. We also go over leash manners, social skills, and any other problem behaviors. Consultation at pick up and two follow up days (usually about 1-2 weeks later.) $1,200.

Mini Board & Train

A 4-day program where  the dog stays with us. Leash walking, sitting, place, recall. We go over scheduling, crate training, potty training, and any problem behaviors. Consultation at pick up and three follow up days (usually 1-2 weeks later). $595 for puppies 6 months and under or $795 for dogs 6 months and over.

Board & Train

A 2-4 week program focusing on off leash reliability. We also go over scheduling, crate training, and any problem behaviors. Consultation at pick up, follow up days (usually 1-2 weeks later) and lifetime assistance from our trainers. We also provide supplies and handouts if needed.  *Dogs must have completed one of our other training packages. The price of the package is deducted from the board and train price.  $2,000.

Week Away

A 7-day program where the dog stays with us and includes leash walking, sitting, place, recall. We go over scheduling, crate training, potty training, and any problem behaviors. Consultation at pickup, and two follow up days (usually 1-2 weeks later.) $995.

12 Day Turnaround

Our 12 Day Turnaround is a customized program geared towards adolescent & adult dogs who may be struggling with fear, under socialization, various forms of aggression or other issues.  This program focuses on proper socialization, exposure to different environments, leash manners, crate training &  identifying behavior issues.  Our programs are built to develop a well behaved, responsible dog who knows how to make good decisions & who are focused on their pack.  The outstanding characteristic of this, & all Fantastic Fido’s programs, are that we work closely with owners to insure success in the home as we know that the long term success of the dog depends on owners who are committed. Consultation at pick up and three follow-up days.

Off Leash Reliability

This monthly program helps to keep your dog polished and keep you accountable for training your dog. The dog spends a day in our facility “brushing up” on skills and can even learn new skills with one-on-one training. Owners receive a report card and video by email at the end of the day outlining progress, providing feedback, and suggested homework. This program is a great value and an excellent way to keep your dog’s mind working!

Doggie Day School

Another training option offered at Fantastic Fido’s is Doggie Day School. During Doggie Day School, your dog is able to socialize with other dogs, and learn basic obedience throughout the day. Some skills include sit, down, place, and walking on a lead. This program can be offered for either 3-weeks or 6-weeks.

Doggie Day School is offered Tuesday-Thursday. Lessons are given each Thursday. This program is $375 for 3-weeks or $675 for 6-weeks.

Obedience Class

Obedience classes are group classes, so you and your pup can get to know other dogs while learning obedience skills. These classes are held once a week for seven weeks, an hour at a time. We offer two levels of obedience classes. Our level one class is basic obedience skills. Our level two class offers social outing, agility, and tricks. This class is $225.

Saturday Socials

At Fantastic Fido’s we love being able to take dogs out into the community while learning necessary skills. To do so, every Saturday we offer Saturday Social. During our Saturday Socials we go to different locations throughout Saint Joseph. The dogs are able to do fun activities, such as agility, swimming, pack walks, and overall good dog citizenship. Sometimes we even learn tricks! To see our latest information on our socials, please visit our Facebook page.